It’s a terrible feeling to know that your pet is lost and on their own, but it’s an avoidable one. Having your pet microchipped is a great way to help your pet return home in the unfortunate event that they become lost.

A microchip is a large amount of technology in a pellet as small as a grain of rice. It can be injected in an office visit or while your pet is under anesthesia for another procedure. It is a small price to pay for a life long electronic tag. There have been some miraculous stories of people getting their long lost pets back after many years! Most pets are checked upon arrival into a shelter or veterinary clinic as a stray. If the information is kept current with the company, the owner is typically connected shortly after the company is notified that the pet has been located and the chip read with an electronic reader. Truly, this is the best chance out there to get your “at-large” pet back into your custody.

We know your pets are members of your family, and we want to make sure you stay together. We highly advise all pet owners to microchip their pets.

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